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10 reasons why to choose KJG


Product quality for 25 years

KJG has been bringing top quality products to markets for 25 years. This is evidenced by number of STN and ISO certificates relating to the quality and durability of our company´s products.


Complete assortment

The company KJG offers a complete assortment of products of different materials and in number of colour shades in the field of gutter systems, light roofing and plumber accessories.


Wide range of materials

With KJG products, you can choose from a wide range of different materials exactly according to your needs and expectations.


Easy installation

In your development centre, we work every day to upgrade our products to ensure fast laying and easy installation under high accuracy of the products.


Transport directly to the customer

The supply of products from the company KJG is realized directly in line with the customer´s wishes and the building site requirement.


We manufacture in accordance with standards

KJG cooperates preferably with European suppliers possessing certified quality management ISO 9001 and environmental management ISO 14001.


Aesthetic appearance

The products of KJG brand also feature, in addition to the quality, with an aesthetic appearance. They meet demanding architectural conditions and perfectly complement the exterior of buildings.


Warranty coverage

We sell all types of products with warranty coverage ranging from a few years up to the entire service life depending on the material and outdoor environment.



The materials used in the products of the company KJG are designed to withstand long-term weathering and corrosion effects. Furthermore, thanks to our own paint shop, we are independent and go over to a new level in the field of innovation and quality of our products.


Suitable for all constructions any type of construction as also evidenced by

The installation of KJG products can be used for references to special projects that we already carried out in the past.

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