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Innovative aluminium material W.15 is here!

The innovative surface treatment of the aluminium material was created for KJG for up to six years. The Norwegian supplier Hydro Aluminium dedicated to this matter and customers can find it under the Worahnik brand with the designation W.15.

Exceptional results in corrosion protection are achieved with aluminium coils and sheets, which are made of quality malleable aluminium alloys. For this reason, aluminium sheets are easily and safely processed. Aluminium sheets are suitable for folded roofs, facade panels, gutter system, roof coverings or windowsills. Aluminium reacts with oxygen in the air to form a natural oxide layer. This layer provides excellent corrosion protection.


Exceptional funcionality

The new product line is unique in its undemanding character and accuracy. The lightness of the aluminium material allows for very simple handling and uncomplicated installation.

Unique structure

The unique surface structure ensures that the material is not scratched anywhere in the process - neither during production nor during final installation. In addition, the high quality of the textured coating provides good colour fastness, and thanks to many years of innovation the material is perfectly suited to the remaining KJG roof accessories and gutter systems.

Lotus self-cleaning effect

The unique aesthetic benefit of the material is the self-cleaning effect of the surface. Self-cleaning is also called the lotus effect - dirt and dust are immediately washed away with rainwater. This makes the roof look like new.

Nobble appearance

W.15 also impresses with its matte, and therefore exceptionally elegant surface. The roof drainage optically disappears in the background, looks decent and creates highly stylish accents that are especially suitable for the contemporary architectural style.

Undoubted duration

The aluminium material W.15 and the gutter system W.15 withstand a variety of weather conditions, such as sunshine, rain, hail, storm and snow. That is why KJG provides customers with up to a 40-year warranty on materials and surface treatment.  

Wide colour range

Material W.15 is available in twelve colour shades, which are identical to the gutter system and roof accessories. An innovation for W.15 is also the availability in the popular surface treatment STUCCO.

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