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KJG´s new “flagship product“ in freight transport

Mercedes-Benz Actros in long-distance transport. We also desire to make progress in the transport of goods to customers, we need vehicles that provide excellent performance both on the road and in accounting. That is exactly why the Actros has the best preconditions. It provides a high level of comfort, it is extremely easy, safe and confident to drive.

Work comfort

Feeling good in the workplace. This is one of the essential preconditions for a relaxed driving and delivery of goods on time. And that is what the Actros has, like many assistants. MirrorCam is one of the most interesting. Instead of traditional rear-view mirrors, the new Actros is equipped with the innovative, aerodynamically sophisticated system MirrorCam. This system saves fuel and provides better rear view to the rear as well as in the area of the A-pillar.


The new aerodynamics of the vehicle Actros with the new system MirrorCam reduces fuel consumption by up to 1.5 %. Another assistant which reduces consumption by 5 % is Predictive Powertrain Control. This system also includes in automated shifting a driving style that is adapted to the topography and, in combination with a precisely set shifting strategy, enables fuel saving. 

High safety level

Safety always comes first, the fifth generation of the system is fitted as standard and supports the driver in certain circumstances by full braking at stationary and moving objects, as well as by partial or full braking in certain situations up to the vehicle speed of 50 km/h in the case of moving pedestrians, which can reduce accidents or prevent them entirely.

Truck of the Year 2020

In accordance with the jury rules, this title is awarded each year to the truck which contributed the most to innovations in the field of road transport in relation to economy, emissions, safety, driving characteristics and comfort. The flagship of the division Mercedes-Benz Trucks in doing so scores particularly in the terms of internal values. Most innovations have been developed with the declared aim of significantly helping the driver, the customer and the company. So, the new Mercedes-Benz Actros with the innovations, such as multimedia cockpit, MirrorCam instead of exterior mirrors, partially automated driving with the system Active Drive Assist or advanced safety systems that include Active Brake Assist of the fifth generation and more advanced turning assistant, provides appropriate responses especially in the areas of safety, efficiency and comfort.

You can see the new Actros on the road from the beginning of September when the official takeover took place. The unmissable billboard on the wheels did not change its colour, it just "matured".

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