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In KJG a.s., we have a new sheet-metal cutting line from the company BOLLINA

The new slitting line for slitting and rewinding of coils from the Italian company BOLLINA was successfully installed on our site in Čachtice and put into operation at the end of February this year. It is designed for cutting input materials of width from min.70 mm to max.1,500 mm and thickness from 0.4 mm to 1.50 mm.

The delivery time from order, design, structure, the production itself, transport, installation, testing and operator training lasted one year. The slitting equipment consists of more than ten main parts, which is why the production process is quite demanding. The line installation was carried out by qualified technicians from the equipment manufacturer in order to ensure that all the line parts and sections were professionally installed, and the line ran with no problems for a long time.

At the max. working speed of 70 m/min, the rewinding of a coil with width of 1,000 mm and weight approx. 6,500 Kg takes about 25 minutes. Such a slitting equipment needs an accumulation pit with depth of 4 m, it serves to compensate the tolerance of the sheet-metal thickness when rewinding large coils. The line is one of the most up-to-date lines available on the market, as evidenced by the introduction of input material from the decoiler to the winch without physical contact from the operator, control and monitoring via a touch panel which is located in close proximity to the machine.

Below you can watch a short video from the installation as well as the functionality of the machine itself.

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