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The new heart of KJG in the cutting of metallurgical materials

After eleven years of continuous use of the company Bollina cutting tools, we decided to replace the "Heart" of KJG a.s. The cutting line marked COMBINED LINE sized mm 1,500 x 0.5-1.5 arrived to us two years after ordering. The line has a wide range of options, cutting to length, transverse slitting, foiling and also fully automatic production of sheet panels.

Technical specifications

The cutting equipment is twice as fast as the previous line, it can cut a 10-ton coil in one hour, which makes 70 tons per one shift, and in terms of that it is 6 trucks in two-shift operation. The equipment can cut materials from 0.50 to 1.50 mm thick. The maximum possible width of the coil is 1,550 mm, in the company we use 1,250 mm - 1,330 mm at maximum.


The cutting to length is preferably used for production purposes in the production of profiles or roof accessories.

The transverse slitting is used for commercial purposes, whereby the coil is inserted into a decoiler, in the case of a painted sheet a foil is sticked and then the coil is cut into the required weight or width.

The production of sheet panels has never been easier than before, the attachment allows precise production and without scratching the painted material. You can see this in the video below.

QUALITY warranty

KJG is a multimetallic company, we use high quality materials for processing. In our portfolio, we have seven basic materials plus painted sheets in more than 40 colours. Exclusive suppliers of materials are European companies that meet all applicable standards. This warrants the high quality of raw materials and is a prerequisite for the high-quality standards in KJG a.s.

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